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 Back in the days of Team Traxxas racing, the Eagle line was announced.

All of them had Graphite chassis, a truck body, and a low-center-of-gravity.

Eagle - Blue EagleEdit

The Traxxas Eagle was a competitive monster truck based on the TRX Buggy vehicles.

The shell was a high mounted pickup body, and the gearbox was slightly higher than the TRX buggies. The tires came as Pro-Trax X-Tra tall spikes, which were mounted onto white nylon rims. The gearbox had an aluminum blue-anodized motor plate/guard. All the electronics were mounted to the chassis. 

LS - LS-IIEdit

These were the double decked graphite predicesors to the SRT. The lower chassis was the same, with a new battery box (molded in black), and a stiffening upper deck mounted onto it. The shell was a Stadium Truck shell mounted lower and came with dished wheels.

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